J2 is available for anyone interested to borrow for free, requiring only three (free) training sessions and a $20 ransom deposit which will be returned on the board's return.

A few guidelines:

1.  A helmet is provided and strongly advised to be worn.  Not only will it protect you if you fall, but keeping it with you will prevent you from accidentally leaving your board somewhere. 

2Use a light if you are riding at night.  You don't want a repeat of Silas' Bite.

3.  J2 is not to be loaned away without direct supervision under any circumstances.

4.  The steward accepts all liability from using and riding, and is responsible for the well-being of the board under the weight of the deposit. 

5.  If you ever have questions about boarding, let me know and I'll whatever it is that you'd like to know 

6.  The steward will pay $10 and forfeit the deposit in the case of loss of the boardIf the board is damaged beyond repair, the $10 charge is waived if the steward can return recovered parts.

7.  Donations of $2-$5 are appreciated to help cover the personal expenses from building J2. :D