J2 is currently under the stewardship of ______ :     

Meet J2, everyone's first skateboard.  This oddity was created to encourage my peers to explore the sport of skateboarding and assist in fellowship.   

J2 is available for free for up to a week to anyone who is interested in learning to board.  Contact us for further details. :)    

Special thanks, in no particular order, to:
  • J2, Junior of A2F and a great personal mentor of mine, who brought me to Berkeley and provided us with the attached helmet.
  • Sophia, Sophomore of Koinonia, and owner of the Siriacha Board, whose reckless generosity inspired this entire project.
  • Professor Chrzan, who let me hold on to this fine deck.  
  • Cheese Pizza, for being an absolute beast. 
  • my Provider

Romans 10:15