This fellow is a custom build.  I put it together with the intention of instruction, so it is as beginner-friendly, as cheap, and as recoverable as possible.

 The board consists of:

Quest 5.25" Trucks, (Very nice and would highly recommend)

Standard ABEC-7 Bearings

Pennyboard 78A 59mm Soft Wheels

The deck itself has a more interesting background.  I picked it up coming out of lab for MATSCI24, taught by Dr. Daryl Chrzyn.  

In that lab, we put a couple skateboard decks into a hydraulic press to find the breaking point, for science.  (The ends are sawed off because the intact board didn't fit into the hydraulic press)

The deck cracked at ~800lbs, and upon inspection, I decided that the deck was still ride-able, and thus took it back home and built it into a full board.